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Self-Cleaning Brush

Self-Cleaning Brush

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  • Curved design with multiple little comb needles for easy fur catching and a pleasant sensation for your cat.
  • Resin adhesive protection tips ensure no prickling on your cat's skin during grooming.
  • Made of stainless steel with a simple, smooth design for effortless cleaning with water.
  • Convenient fur collection with a push-button mechanism to release loose fur from the comb.
  • The Self-Cleaning Brush 2.0 offers a sturdy and cute design, soft brush needles, and hassle-free fur collection.
  • Gentle on your cat's skin, providing a comfortable grooming experience while keeping their fur tangle-free.
  • Say goodbye to tiring old brushes and embrace the joy of grooming time both you and your cat will love!


Net weight: 83g

Material: ABS, stainless steel

Size: 195 * 94 * 46mm

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