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Front-Facing Cat Backpack

Front-Facing Cat Backpack

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Does your cat love going on adventures? Introducing our innovative Front-Facing Cat Backpack, the ultimate solution for feline explorers! This cat backpack is specially designed to provide a safe, comfortable, and engaging experience for your furry friend while keeping them close to your heart.

Whether you're going for a hike, visiting the vet, or simply taking a stroll around town, this cat backpack is the perfect way to bond with your cat while enjoying outdoor activities together. It's a must-have accessory for cat owners who want to share exciting adventures and create lasting memories with their feline companions.


Sizing Guide :

 Size  length  width Distance between legs   recommended weight  
 M  32cm  18cm  10cm 2.5-3.5kg
 L  37cm  21cm  12cm 4-5kg
 XL  42cm  23cm  14cm  5-6kg




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