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Alpaca Plush Bed

Alpaca Plush Bed

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Cozy & Snug - Crafted with white lion cashmere, this bed offers a warm and breathable sanctuary for your beloved pet's slumber.

Stays in Place - Featuring non-slip plastic drops, it prevents any sliding and ensures your pet stays snug in their favorite spot!

Tailored Comfort - With soft fit rebound sponge, this bed perfectly molds to your pet's shape, providing them with a sense of security and ultimate comfort.

Moisture-Resistant - The bottom of the bed is specially designed with high-density fabric for a moisture-proof effect, keeping your pet dry and comfortable at all times!
  • Bed - 65cm x 72cm
  • Den - 45cm x 45cm
  • Nest - 50cm x 50cm
  • Material - White Lion Cashmere
  • Filling - Cotton & Sponge
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